Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The little blinking cursor thing is scary. It kinda repeatedly taunts you, daring you to push the buttons laid out in front of you in their typical QWERTY fashion, form words that make sentences that in turn complete thoughts, that hopefully change lives. At the very least, it is constant reminder that there is nothing where something (words) should be. I don't think that I could adequately describe to you the level of animosity that I harbor toward my cursor.

I know it's not rational to be angry with an inanimate object. After all it's not the cursor's fault. It didn't wake up this morning and look at his agenda to make sure his 1:00 PM meeting with me was still a go. He didn't barge into my office demanding that I begin typing and nag me until I was finished. Nor did he get to decide what his purpose on my screen would be. He just stands there politely blinking his steady reminder; -blink> "You haven't written anything in a while" -blink> "You need more than a paragraph" -blink> "Stop staring at the screen and move your fingers" -blink>-blink>-blink>

This week in our ministry there has been AMAZING success and Kingdom growth. In the last week alone we have seen 20 first time visitors and 10 students come to know the Lord (go ahead and clap, I'll wait). In the middle of all of that exciting news there is still this little something in my heart blinking. -blink> "10 isn't 50" -blink> "There is so much work to do" -blink> "and you're only one person" -blink> "Are your goals even attainable" -blink> "Is ministry getting in the way of your family" -blink>-blink>-blink>...

The problem with the cursor is this: It is telling the truth and the truth ,as always, demands a course of action. You can choose to ignore the cursor (action), close down the web page (action), move on to something less daunting (action), forget that the blog even exist (action). Or you can begin to type (action), commit to seeing the next sentence finished (action). Then move on to the next (action). Push publish and let others hear your heart (action).

The problem with my soul is the same: It is telling the truth and the truth ,as always, demands a course of action. I can choose to ignore my soul (action). Coast on yesterday's successes (action). Move on to other projects that distract me with movement but don't provide direction (action). Or, I can remember that it is Jesus that controls the cursor (action). And its Jesus that is talking to me through it (action). I can push harder than ever before (action). Bring along leaders that share my vision (action). Stand in truth and go after the hearts and minds of young people (ACTION).

The cursor is not my enemy. It is a call to action. What's your cursor calling you to?

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